Cycle Right Schools

We have a group of cycling instructors trained in the Cycle Right Program. This is a government approved course that delivers cycling courses funded by the Department of Transport and other government bodies,  within schools throughout the academic year.


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Studies suggest that a considerable number of individuals hesitate to embrace bicycles as an environmentally and health-conscious means of transportation within their communities. One of the main factors contributing to this reluctance is their discomfort in navigating around other road users.


Cycle Smart


Our training programs are designed to increase urban cycling proficiency, mitigate risks, and bolster confidence on the road. Just like mastering any skill, cycling confidence requires specific techniques for optimal results.


This is an all inclusive program available to all. Upon completion, cyclists will possess the knowledge to assess conditions, cycle safely, interact harmoniously with other road users, understand cycling-related regulations, and have hands-on experience cycling in diverse real-world environments.




Our training program does not involve passing tests. Instead, trainees are continually observed throughout all stages to ensure the acquisition of correct skills. Progression through the course content is tailored to the pace of each trainee.